With Live-In Care for Seniors in Pittsford, NY, I Have My Life Back

Caregivers in Pittsford, NYThere was a time when I thought I would be able to provide the ideal level of care for my mother after her surgery. I thought that she would recover and her health would go back to the way that it was before, but being 82 when she had her surgery, she wasn’t the same afterward.

It wasn’t that she was struggling with specific things, but more that she wasn’t able to care for herself in general the way that she had been accustomed to throughout her life. I found myself spending more time visiting with her, running over to her house to help her with all sorts of things, and neglecting my own life. It became clear that I was going to have to discuss the prospect of live in care for seniors with her.

The first time that I mentioned hiring a live-in caregiver, she wasn’t too receptive to the idea. In fact, she scoffed at the notion of having someone move into her home just to help her out with a few things. She then began asking why I didn’t want her to move in with me, but honestly, that wouldn’t work out. Not only is my house too small for the two of us together, we can get on each other’s nerves from time to time.

So I learned enough about what 24-hour home care could do for her that I was able to convince her that it was something to look into. Within a couple of weeks and a few incidents that occurred late at night and early in the morning, my mother agreed to hire a live-in caregiver.

It’s been four weeks since Mel moved in and she has been great with my mother. She isn’t anything like what my mother thought she’d be, and my mother actually seems happier because she has a companion at home. Mel is able to help her do all sorts of things and is available immediately and constantly, which is something that I wasn’t able to do.

I have to say that live-in care for seniors actually gave me my life back. I hadn’t thought about how much I had given up to care for my mother until I had the time to do them again. If you have a loved one who might benefit from live-in care for seniors, you should look into the prospect seriously. It could be the best decision your elderly loved one makes, for them and for you.

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