When the Caregiver’s Beliefs Conflict with the Client’s in Rochester, NY

Caregiver in Rochester, NYIn today’s society, there is a vast array of beliefs, and that means different people will have different perspectives on a wide range of things, from politics to religion, from work to family, and so on. So what happens when a caregiver has a different set of beliefs from the client for whom they are caring?

First and foremost, the client is an independent person and there should never be any encroachment of beliefs upon them. Now, when we’re talking about ‘beliefs,’ this isn’t referring to religious beliefs per se, but any concept or idea about how things should be done in life, how one should treat another individual, etc. If the client believes that a certain group of people shouldn’t be tolerated, for example,  then it’s not the place of the home care provider to punish that client or admonish him or her about his or her beliefs in that matter.

Just because someone doesn’t agree with what their client thinks, feels, or how they act, as long as they aren’t harming another person or posing a risk to themselves, then they are entitled to have those beliefs. After all, you may believe that they are wrong in the way they think, but when you, as a caregiver, are going to their house to provide care for them, then you are the guest, in a sense.

How do you handle a situation where you feel as though the caregiver for your loved one is attempting to punish your loved one for his or her beliefs, or trying to change their way of thinking?

The best course of action, and the most mature one, is to confront the individual directly and talk, calmly and rationally, about the issue at hand. You may be hearing from your loved one and one perspective only, and it could simply be a matter of a misunderstanding. It could also be something more severe or serious. When you sit down and talk to the caregiver, you present what you’ve heard to them in a calm and reasonable manner, which would allow them the opportunity to respond.

If you direct this home care provider to stop their behavior and they don’t, or you believe that they won’t listen, if you hired them through an agency, contact that agency next. If you hired an independent contractor, then you may wish to seek out a new caregiver to serve your loved one in a more neutral manner.

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