What Happens When Both Senior Parents Need Help?

Caregivers in Brighton, NYCaregivers in Brighton, NY – Consider the Level of Need for Each Parent Before Making a Home Care Decision

One Example of a Senior Couple both Needing Help…

Mary and John had been married for more than 65 years when it became clear that they were going to require the assistance of a caregiver. At first, it was Mary who began having trouble taking care of herself. John was assisting her in getting dressed, bathing, and doing other activities around the house. They didn’t want to consider hiring professional in-home care providers, but when John suffered a mild stroke, it was obvious they were going to need some help.

They didn’t know what was going to happen and had no experience hiring professional in-home care providers. They just knew that they didn’t want to move into an assisted living community or a nursing home, if it could be avoided. They had a neighbor help them contact several home care agencies in their area and found out that yes, it was not just possible but recommended to have a caregiver taking care of both of them to make sure that they could remain in their home.

There are a couple of options when it comes to in-home care providers for couples. The couple can decide to hire two caregivers, one for each of them, or they could hire one in-home care provider to take care of them both, although that would require one of the individuals not needing assistance around-the-clock.

If you hire a single caregiver to take care of a couple, and both of those seniors require a high level of assistance and attention throughout the day, it can cause tremendous pressure to build on the caregiver. Not only is this unfair to the in-home care provider, it can put one or both of the seniors at an increased risk of a fall or injury as a result of not having the attention they need.

First, make sure that you evaluate the situation to determine just how much assistance each elderly individual requires. If they have minor assistance requirements, then a single in-home care provider might work out well for both of them. However, if one requires a high level of assistance, and the other requires minimal help, you still may want to consider at least two in-home care providers to work with the elderly couple.

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