Two Often Overlooked Dangers for Seniors in the Bathroom

Elder Care in Penfield, NY – Don’t Forget to Check these Potentially Tricky Aspects of the Bathroom

Elder Care in Penfield, NYThe first time that Emily stopped by her mother’s house to check on her following her mild heart attack, she didn’t think much about safety issues. However, the more she began to research proper elder care and the options available to them, she learned that safety can be compromised for a variety of reasons.

Just the natural process of aging can cause an individual to have balance related problems, especially walking up and down the stairs. Within the bathroom there are many risk factors that can cause serious injuries and even worse.

Two of the most often overlooked dangers that exist within the bathroom, especially for those who require some type of home care for the elderly are the height of the toilet and the type of vanity sink that is in place at the moment.

The height of the toilet.

It is easy to overlook this simple aspect because few people actually take this into consideration when thinking about safety. The toilet is just there and it is something to be used and not really talked about or thought much about. When a person who is in generally good physical health goes to the bathroom, lifting the lid and sitting down on the toilet is no big deal.

Yet for somebody who may have various health issues, especially less strength in their legs than they used to have, easing down onto a toilet seat can pose some potential hazards. This is especially true if the toilet is seated extremely low.

Installing a higher elevated toilet or using an elevated toilet seat will allow the elderly individual to ease down onto it without much trouble. It will also help them getting off when they’re finished. Elevated toilet seats, especially those you may find in a hospital setting, that have handles on either side are also a great idea for providing extra support when getting down to and back up from the seat.

The type of vanity sink.

Any sink that has sharp corners or strong edges can be potential health hazards for those relying on home care for the elderly. Any slip or fall could result in extremely dangerous injuries, especially to the head. Replacing this type of sink with one that has rounded corners or even softer edges may be the difference between life and death or at least significant injuries.

Another consideration is mobility in the bathroom when your elderly loved one uses a wheelchair. Large, cabinet-style sinks take up a considerable amount of room and can make getting in and out of the bathroom more difficult. One possible solution is to have this type of since removed in favor of a wall-hung sink that allows for room below the basin for wheelchair wheels.

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