Try These 2 Fun Exercises for the Busy Family Caregiver

Caregivers in Rochester, NY – They Only Take 15 Minutes and You can Do Them Almost Anywhere!

Life moves at the speed of light and when you are a caregiver, it may feel that way far too often. As a result, you may have a tendency to forgo some of the most important things about your own health and well-being.

Eating right and getting exercise are two of the most common things that people neglect when they are providing some type of home care for an elderly loved one. It is essential for your own health, and to continue being the best caregiver possible, to get exercise on daily basis.

Just because you are constantly on the move, getting into and out of your car, and feeling like you have no time to do anything, you can still get exercise. It really only takes 15 to 20 minutes every day of solid, cardiovascular exercise to get the blood moving through your body and carrying oxygen to every muscle and organ throughout.

Below are two great exercises for the caregiver constantly on the go.

Running up stairs.

You may not have to run up and down stairs when working with the elderly individuals in your care, but doing this for five or 10 minutes at a time will get you the type of exercise your body needs. If you are visiting with an elderly individual in an apartment building, especially one on the second or third floor of the building, avoid using the elevator if at all possible. Instead, use the stairs and get up there as quickly as you can. Doing this five or six times throughout the day can actually provide your body a tremendous amount of benefit.

Wall sits.

Wherever you have a wall, you have an opportunity to get your legs and your body some valuable exercise. Place your back against the wall with your feet approximately 2 feet away from the base of it. Ease down until your legs are bent at a 90° angle. This should look as though you’re sitting on a chair placed up against the wall.

Hold this for as long as you can and then get up and stretch out. Doing this several times throughout the day can be tremendously beneficial as well.

These are just two fun and different exercises for the busy caregiver. If you find that you can’t fit healthy eating and a good workout into your overwhelming schedule, consider hiring a home care aide to assist your elderly parent a few hours or days a week. It will free up time for you to get back to the healthy lifestyle you’re accustomed to, and it will ensure your elderly loved one is safe and cared for when you are away.

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