The Library and Elderly Care in Greece, NY

Elderly Care in Greece, NYJane used to go to the library every weekend when she was a kid. It used to be a ritual with her mother and she was always excited to step into the large building the massive corridors of books. She could get lost in the library just looking at a variety of different books and to be able to borrow a few to bring home was an even better treat. Now that she is in her 80s and requires elderly care, she hasn’t thought about the library in many years.

Yet the library can provide so many opportunities for people of all ages, including those relying on elder care services at this time. September is Library Card Sign-Up Month and if the elderly individual in your life no longer has a library card, or they haven’t used it in many years, it’s something that you may want to suggest that they do once in a while.

If the elder care provider who works with the client is designated to drive them to appointments, to the store, to visit friends, or to take part in other activities, then you can certainly suggest that they talk about visiting the library with the elderly client.

Janes elder care provider did this very thing and what she got was a reaction that she hadn’t expected. Jane lit up at the thought of going to spend an afternoon at the local library. She thought it was a wonderful idea and hadn’t thought of it herself. In fact, Jane said that she hadn’t even considered going to library in so many years that she was actually afraid of the changes she would see in it.

The trip was relatively uneventful getting to the library. Parking close to the entrance and then receiving assistance to get into the building, Jane was focused on what she would say. While there was more technology and computers, much of what she remembered the library to be was the same. This was a great relief to her.

While her interests in reading were much different now than they were when she was a young girl, she felt the same giddiness about wandering up and down the aisles looking at all of the books that she could potentially read.

She did need a new library card and signing up for one felt as wonderful now as it did more than 70 years ago. That is the best elderly care there is.

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