Home Care Services in Pittsford, NY: Celebrate on August 6th

A fun food observance day is a good reason to celebrate with your elderly adult. Since in home care providers are always looking for that special little way to spend time with their senior and do something different and fun, August 6th is Root Beer Float day!

Root beer is an old traditional family favorite in many American families. The custom of making home-made root beer using yeast as the method of carbonation is still practiced today.

What makes a great root beer float? It’s the company you share it with!

Home Care Services in Pittsford, NYRoot Beer Float

1 pint good vanilla ice cream

2 quarts root beer

  • Place a nice big, well-packed scoop of the vanilla ice cream on the inside edge of a fountain glass or another tall drinking glass.
  • Fill the glass ¾ full with root beer.
  • Put the fountain glass on a plate to catch the overflow.
  • Serve the floats with both a straw and a parfait spoon.
  • When ready to eat the floats, knock the ice cream so it slides into the root beer and watch it fizz up while the ice cream floats.
  • One of life’s simple pleasures!

Soda and ice cream are both foods that are not on the healthy list, of course. Yet one small float won’t throw off a healthy eating pattern if it isn’t over-indulged. If you are – or your elderly adult is – having troubles sticking to healthy daily food patterns, here are some tips to get back on the right track.

Tips to eating better

  • Try keeping a food journal. That means writing down everything you eat throughout the day for at least one week. It will help you see where you need to change; where your strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Breakfast is essential. The old saying is true; it really is the most important meal of the day. Try whole grains and fruit – for example oatmeal and peaches or toast and strawberries.
  • Even if you take small steps at first, it can add up to big changes. Don’t ever give up; just keep trying
  • Eat slowly. It not only helps you savor your food, you also end up eating less because your signal for feeling full has time to activate. Some ways to train yourself to eat more slowly are:
    • Put your fork down between bites
    • Chew each morsel for a total of 30 times before swallowing
    • Cut food into smaller pieces, uses smaller dishes and smaller utensils
    • Eat more fresh vegetables. They contain important nutrients your body needs as well as lots of fiber and some liquid. You can practically fill up on vegetables daily and never over-eat.
    • Eat as many different foods in a week as possible. The variety will ensure you get a large variety of nutrients and will help you not get bored with healthy food and end up resorting to unhealthy choices.

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