The Best House Plants for Seniors to Grow Indoors

Senior Care in Henrietta, NY – September 21-28 is National Indoor Plant Week

Senior Care in Henrietta, NY Maybe you’ve tried growing indoor plants before and they just ended up dying on you. You envisioned a beautiful indoor terrarium but everything fell flat. Well even if you haven’t had success in the past, now is the time to try again. There are so many plants that are just made for growing indoors, you are bound to find one that will work for you!

National indoor plant week is going on now, and with it comes fantastic sales on indoor potted plants. Whether you choose a flower, vine, African violet, cactus, succulent or some other type of indoor plant, it will brighten up your space and add a splash of life and color. Indoor plants are great for home-bound seniors because it gives them a little bit of outside nature right there in their own home.

Indoor plants even improve mental health. You don’t have to have a professional green thumb to grow some of these beauties. Here’s a list of the 15 best house plants to grow inside:

  1. African violet. It flowers continuously so it needs a southern facing window especially during winter months. Don’t water until the surface of the soil is dry.
  2. Aloe Vera is a succulent also known as the healing plant. It grows very easily and is an idea choice for indoors. Don’t water very often and give plenty of exposure to natural light.
  3. Amazon Elephant Ear. These huge leaves are shaped like an arrow and look spectacular. It’s a tropical plant so it needs to be kept at least 65 degrees. Mist the leaves to mimic humidity from the jungle. It loves indirect light; don’t put in direct sunlight.
  4. Avocado plant you can grow yourself from an avocado seed. Very attractive plant.
  5. Boston fern. This is a common houseplant since the Victorian era. It acts as a natural humidifier and absorbs air pollutants.
  6. Bromeliads are natives of the jungle and are striped like zebras. They need good drainage so the roots don’t drown.
  7. Clivia Miniata has bright yellow, orange or red blossoms. They love cool temperatures so keep in an unheated room.
  8. Crown of Thorns attracts a lot of attention with its abundant flowers.
  9. Cyclamen is gorgeous with bright blooms in the dead of winter.
  10. Ice cascade will bloom white flowers from December to February and works best in a hanging pot.
  11. Grafted cactus is colorful and easy to maintain.
  12. Indoor boxwood works well in a topiary garden and needs pruning.
  13. The Jade plant or “money tree” is thought to bring good luck.
  14. Phalaeonopsis is a type of orchid and loves cool temperatures and humidity.
  15. Peace lily enjoys warmth but not direct sunlight. They improve air quality by absorbing toxins from the air.

A caregiver can help your elderly loved one with plant care as well as personal and home care.

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