The Benefits of a Relaxing Bath for Seniors

Senior Care in Pittsford, NY  Help Your Senior Loved One Enjoy Bath Time While Staying Safe

Senior Care in Pittsford, NYSafety in the bathroom is a top priority for senior loved ones, as it is one of the most common places for a fall to occur. While safety is the most important focus, having an enjoyable and relaxing bath should be a priority as well. Seniors often miss the relaxing benefits of bathing due to decreased mobility, fear of falling, etc. By using a few relaxation techniques, while adhering to safety, we can offer our senior parents a pleasant bath.

Prepare the Bathroom

Temperature: Always warm the bath room prior to bath time, as a cool room will often make bathing a dreaded experience. Fill the tub with warm water and add hot water as needed, always assist the senior getting into the bath tub, and encourage the use of hand rails. Water temperature will need to be adjusted throughout their bath time.

Towels and washcloths: Have plenty of clean towels and wash cloths in a location within easy reach. Wash cloths and towels should be made from soft material, as some seniors skin is very delicate due to the normal thinning of skin as we age, and a rough textured fabric will irritate delicate skin.

Aroma Therapy: Many find fragrances comforting and relaxing, as with aroma therapy type products. Seniors who wish to incorporate aroma therapy into their bath time routine can find a large variety of products. The most common fragrance used to promote relaxation is lavender, and can be purchased easily, in most grocery stores, and retail pharmacies.

Lotion, shower gels, bath soaps, and deodorant: When using a product for a senior parent, it is important to ensure it will not irritate their skin. Always check labels to make sure products do not contain irritants such as heavy perfumes, as well as alcohol in some deodorants. When choosing a lotion, there are many fragrance free options: this type of lotion tends to be gentle to the skin.

Fresh Clean Sleepwear

After bathing is complete, have fresh clean gowns, pajamas, underwear, a warm robe and house slippers ready. Assist seniors with dressing as needed, as some seniors will want to dress themselves, while others will need assistance.

For the senior parent with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, making bath time as pleasant and routine as possible is a key component to getting their cooperation. If you find you are struggling with bath time or any other aspect of elder care, don’t be afraid to call in some professional help. Senior care services has trained, expert caregivers who can help you with every area of elder care.

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