The #1 Way to Help a Senior Overcome Loneliness

Senior Care in Rochester, NY – Finding an Enjoyable Activity is Good Way to Avoid Feelings of Sadness

Senior Care in Rochester, NYOne of the most common impressions that people have of elderly individuals who rely on senior care is that they are sad, depressed, and lonely. While depression is certainly a possibility among seniors, especially those with limited mobility or who are home-bound, it is absolutely possible to be happy during the senior years and to enjoy every day. A senior care provider is an excellent resource for help with avoiding feelings of loneliness or depression. 

Senior care services can come to the elderly individual’s home and provide a number of support services, including nursing care, a home care aide to assist with general maintenance and upkeep of the house, assistance with basic care needs such as bathing and toileting, and even helping the client stay active with the things they enjoy.

Getting those smiles out.

One of the best ways to help the elderly individual find the joy in every day is to find out what activities or hobbies they like taking part in. Maybe they haven’t painted in years, or the collectible teapots are more a collection of dust than anything else at this point. Rather than let these bygone pastimes be regrets, a senior care provider can help turn them into opportunities. They can help a senior find art supplies to get back into the hobby, or a free art class at the community center. Maybe they could even take a day trip to an antique district to find a new piece for the teapot collection. Regardless of what the activity is that makes a senior smile, it’s important to find something that brings a senior joy.

Getting someone to smile means that you are tapping into their emotional well-being. That can have a direct impact on reducing depression and depression like symptoms, which have a tendency to be more common among elderly individuals than any other age group.

If you have a loved one who requires any type of senior care, talk to their caregiver about encouraging the elderly individual to do things that they enjoy and that should bring a smile to their face.

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