Should Your Elderly Loved One Move Into Your Home?

Caregivers in Perinton, NY

Caregivers in Perinton, NYThe journey of a family caregiver for aging parents is one wrought with change, decisions, and the unexpected. While you may have an idea of the challenges your elderly loved ones are facing and what you can do to help them handle these needs now, you do not know what may happen tomorrow, the next day, or years down the line. Knowing that changes happen and embracing the idea that you will have to modify your care plan for your parents over the years is an important step in being the highest quality caregiver you can possibly be and ensuring your seniors live a high quality of life.

One of the modifications you might have to make during the course of your care journey is transitioning your aging parents into your home to receive care. This is a fantastic option for many aging adults who cope with a variety of physical, medical, or cognitive concerns that make it difficult for them to live independently safely and comfortably, or for those who want to downsize and reduce living costs. Making the decision to bring your senior parents into your home, however, is a major step in your elder care plan and it is important to feel confident you are making the decision that is right for you and for them.

Relying on your senior parents’ home care provider to help you decide when it is time to transition your parents into your home gives you valuable insight into their health and well-being, and helps you to make a decision that is less based on the emotional influences at play when attempting to make these decisions completely on your own.

Some of the ways that your aging loved ones’ in home health care services provider can be a strong ally in helping you decide if it is time to bring your parents into your home include:

• Insight into their functionality. Unless you are in the home with them for a considerable amount of time, it is difficult to truly understand your parents’ level of functionality. A home care provider can let you know how well your parents do in the home when they are around, and any problems they notice when they first arrive that could indicate challenges they face when they are alone.

• Advice about level of care. Because the care provider is the one who handles much of your parents’ day-to-day care and assistance, she had a clear understanding of how much care they actually need. This can help you determine if you would be capable of handling these care tasks on your own while your parents are in your home, if you would need to bring the care provider along in the transition, or if you may even need to hire additional care to meet their needs.

• Advice about their challenges. The care provider watches your parents interact with the environment around them during the day. This means she is able to determine what types of limitations and challenges they face regarding home features like stairs, level changes, furniture, showers, and flooring. This can give you insight about whether your home is an appropriate environment for their ongoing care, and what types of modifications you may need to make in order to overcome those challenges.

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