Serious Productivity Tips for Caregivers

One of the aspects of caregiving that might be incredibly frustrating for you might be that there’s just so much to do. Refining your productivity skills can help you to manage a little more effectively.

Senior Care Rochester NY - Serious Productivity Tips for Caregivers

Senior Care Rochester NY – Serious Productivity Tips for Caregivers

Tackle Difficult Projects and Tasks First

Difficult tasks and projects are often the ones that people put off. By the time you get to those tasks you’ve been putting off, you’re often tired and cranky and dreading that task even more. The trick is to assess what you need to do each day and, if it’s at all possible, tackle those tough, icky projects first thing. Then, when you look at the rest of your to do list it’s a lot less intimidating.

Simplify as Much as You Can

So much of what you do every day as a caregiver is likely much more complicated than it needs to be. Take some time and figure out how you can simplify some of the processes that you use. For instance, grocery delivery might make life a lot easier for you and for your senior. You spend time putting the menu and the list together, place the order, and then do whatever else you need to do until the order arrives. Other processes can get simplified, too. Using online bill pay rather than buying stamps and going to the post office is just one more example.

Pick a Few Times a Week to Unplug

Life today is highly connected to the outside world via the Internet. But smartphones, text messages, and social medial can get to be too much sometimes. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose a few times a week to unplug for a little while. You don’t have to take entire days where you turn off your phone, but an hour or two that you know will be uninterrupted can help you to keep your head clear.

Bring in Some Extra Help

One of the most frustrating aspects of being a caregiver might be that there are always things that need to be done, but the hours go quickly. If you don’t already have some extra help, it’s time to enlist some. Friends and family members might be an option for some caregivers, but that’s not always as reliable as you need it to be. Hiring senior care providers is far more predictable and gets you the help that you need.

Improving your productivity isn’t something that happens overnight. Make small changes here and there and know you can keep adjusting.

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John Hunt