Pneumonia Prevention Tips for Older Adults

Senior Care Webster NY

Senior Care Webster NYDuring the wintery, frigid months, colds and the flu are not the only illnesses your senior loved one has to worry about. Pneumonia is also a problem among the older generations and can cause serious health complications if not treated immediately.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, over 60 percent of seniors over the age of 65 end up in the hospital as a result of pneumonia. There are several reasons this age group are more susceptible to this illness, but some of the most common ones include age, exposure to the disease in their community, changes in their lung capacity, or other health problems, like diabetes. With the care and assistance of a home care provider, as well as these tips, your loved one will have a much smaller chance of developing this serious health condition.

Prevention Tips

Educate yourself. Knowing what symptoms accompany pneumonia will help you and the elder determine if they should see their doctor. The most common symptoms includes a fever, chills, and a cough. Other more serious symptoms include confusion, weakness, delirium, and dizziness. Talk to their doctor and do your own research on how to determine if your loved one could have this illness.

Get immunized. Since seniors are a high risk for contracting pneumonia, they should receive a bacterial pneumococcal pneumonia immunization. It is a one-time shot that will significantly reduce the severity of the elder’s pneumonia. A booster shot may also be recommended by the doctor and should be received every 5 years.

Do not smoke. Along with the many things smoking can do to their health, like causing lung cancer, this addiction can also make it impossible for the lungs to protect against this infection. Quitting will give the senior back their defense against problems with their health.

Use good hygiene techniques. Washing their hands frequently and using hand sanitizer will greatly reduce the elder’s chances of developing pneumonia. Also, if someone is ill, make sure they stay away from your senior loved one until they are feeling better.

Eat a healthy diet. Healthy eating will keep the immune system strong in order to fight and rid the body of infections. Getting an adequate amount of sleep and exercise can also protect the body from getting pneumonia.

Pneumonia can cause many different health problems for older adults. By following these tips, your loved one will have a fighting chance at keeping this condition away.


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