Senior Care Tips: Creating a Home that Stimulates the Senses

Home Care Services in Brighton, NY

Home Care Services in Brighton, NYSensory stimulation is an important part of maintaining mental and emotional health. Stimulating all of the senses exercises the mind and helps to ward off a variety of potentially problems, including depression, anxiety, loss of motivation, isolation, and memory loss. Though targeted sensory therapy activities have become extremely popular in recent years, there are ways that you and your parents’ senior health care services provider can stimulate your parents’ senses on a continuous basis without specific activities.

Designing a home that stimulates the senses allows your parents to enjoy sensory benefits throughout the day while they are doing other activities, while also offering benefits to anyone who visits them. Creating this stimulating home together is a fun way to spend quality time with your aging loved ones and ensure that they have a home where they are comfortable.

Let these ideas inspire you for ways that you, your aging parents, and their senior health care services provider can create and maintain a home that offers sensory stimulation on a daily basis:

• Refresh the paint. Give your parents’ home an incredible makeover just by refreshing the paint. Rather than adding new coats of plain white or ivory paint, go for something a little more interesting by adding color to the walls. If your parents do not want to commit to rooms full of colored walls, choose just one or two rooms to enhance with stimulating color, or paint just one wall for an accent.

• Add pops of color. Stimulate your parents’ sense of sight without going through the hassle and commitment of painting by adding pops of color throughout the home. Choose throw pillows, afghans, and artwork that bring color and texture into the space for visual stimulation and detail you can change throughout the year to coordinate with seasonal color schemes.

• Add flowers. Having fresh flowers throughout the home offers visual stimulation as well as stimulating your parents’ sense of smell. Change out bouquets every few days to keep them fresh and beautiful, or make a bunch of flowers a special once-weekly treat for your loved ones. For longer-lasting stimulation, use window boxes to plant flowers right outside the home so your parents can enjoy them throughout the season.

• Bring in texture. Use decorative techniques and details throughout the home that add tactile texture to the space. Micro-suede or corduroy furniture covers provide different touch experiences while relaxing in living areas, while changing your parents’ bedding can offer extra stimulation for bedtime and morning.

• Create scent stories. The sense of smell is the one strongest linked to emotion and memory. Adding several layers of fragrance to a space is a fantastic way to stimulate your elderly loved ones’ minds and encourage continuous thought, sharing, and connection. You and your parents’ care provider can use a variety of techniques to design scent stories throughout the home, including room sprays, candles, potpourri, and scent plug-ins.

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