Should You Feel Guilty for Hiring Senior Care Aides?

Your mom has Alzheimer’s. As it progresses, she’s depending more and more on you and your siblings. She no longer cooks. She cleans but not very well. She forgets to take her dogs out. She keeps throwing away her clothes saying they’re not hers.

Senior Care Rochester NY - Should You Feel Guilty for Hiring Senior Care Aides?

Senior Care Rochester NY – Should You Feel Guilty for Hiring Senior Care Aides?

That’s a lot to take on. In addition to that, her mood swings are unbearable. She switches from crying all day to screaming at you. She doesn’t want you around and told you to get out and never return. You think it’s time for her to have regular senior care services, your family members say you’re jumping the gun. Are you?

Should You Feel Guilty?

One woman spent an hour driving to her mom’s house. Once there, she would clean her mom’s home, take her mom to run errands, cook and eat dinner with her mom, and go back home. After driving another hour, she had meals to cook for her family, her own housework, and a dog to walk.

When she told her family members that she was feeling overwhelmed and was considering senior care services for her mom. Her family members accused her of being uncaring. After hearing them say that her mom had cared for her all of her life, she was a horrible daughter if she didn’t do the same in return. She started to feel guilty.

The desire to hire senior care services for your parent shouldn’t make you feel guilty. The opposite is true. You love your parent enough to know that the care you provide wouldn’t be the best care possible. Sometimes, a professional caregiver is superior to the care you’re capable of providing.

How Can a Professional Caregiver Be Better?

People focus on the fact that a caregiver is a stranger. When you hire a caregiver from a senior care agency, you’re getting someone who has gone through background checks, drug tests, and training. You can watch how the caregiver gets along with your parent and decide if it’s a good fit. If not, you can request someone else. Once you’ve found a caregiver that your mom or dad likes, they’ll form a strong bond.

How Much Time Do You Have For Yourself?

Have you stopped going out with friends? Do you spend so much time caring for your mom that you haven’t done anything for yourself in months? That’s a clear sign that you need respite services from a senior care agency.

If you burn out, your mom’s care could end up suffering. You may resent her taking up so much of your time. Don’t let that happen. Hire senior care providers to handle the care your mom needs and enjoy days doing the things you love.

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