Is There Only One Type of Delirium?

Hospital-induced delirium is just one of the risks of your parents faces when they must spend time in the hospital. Experts estimate that this condition occurs in at least half of all elderly adults who are hospitalized, and the numbers might actually be much higher due to cases that are missed or overlooked.

Senior Care Rochester NY - Is There Only One Type of Delirium?

Senior Care Rochester NY – Is There Only One Type of Delirium?

Being aware of delirium is an important way you can advocate for your parents, and ensure they are always getting the care they need. Part of this awareness is understanding the different types of delirium, and how they can impact your parent. Because delirium does not just come in one form, it can be more difficult to identify when your senior is dealing with this condition. Being able to detect the changes, however, will allow you to bring them to the attention of the medical team so they can respond promptly and effectively it to manage this condition.

There are three basic types of delirium. Each has its own set of symptoms and behaviors, some of which can mimic those of other health issues, such as dementia or reactions to medications and treatments. This makes it important to bring up any changes in behavior, mood, or functioning as soon as you notice them.

The most recognizable of the types of delirium is hyperactive delirium. This is the type characterized by hyperactivity, agitation, pacing, and mood swings. On the other hand, your senior may experience hypoactive delirium. This is largely the opposite, resulting in sluggishness, lethargy, sleeping more, slowed motor activity, and disruptions in sleep patterns.

The third type of delirium is referred to as mixed delirium because it is a combination of both other types of delirium. When this occurs, your senior can experience any of the symptoms of either form, and alternate unpredictably. This means your elderly parent may be restless, agitated, and even combative, then suddenly become withdrawn, sluggish, and seemingly unable to function. This can be particularly unnerving in its unpredictability.

Pointing out these changes in behavior to the medical team can let them know what is unusual or not normal for your parents, which can indicate to them the likelihood of delirium. This allows them to monitor your parents, and integrate treatment and management as quickly as possible to minimize negative effects of the delirium.

Being a family caregiver is all about making meaningful, nurturing decisions for your aging loved one. Starting senior care for them can be one of the most beneficial. This type of care is designed just for your senior, honoring them as an individual, and encouraging them to live the lifestyle that is right for them throughout their later years.

When they are dealing with a difficult time, such as recovery after hospitalization, the presence of a senior home care services provider can be even more important. The services of this senior care provider are valuable not just to your parent, but also to you. Knowing they are in good hands reduces your stress, and allows both of you to focus more on the meaningful relationship between you.


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