People with diabetes often focus on the amount of carbohydrates they eat. While that is certainly an important part of managing blood sugar, fats also play a role. According to the American Diabetes Association, when it comes to fats, it’s more important to choose the right kinds of fats than to worry about the total amount of fat your aging relative eats.

Senior Care Rochester NY - Healthy Fats vs. Unhealthy Fats

Senior Care Rochester NY – Healthy Fats vs. Unhealthy Fats

Why Does the Kind of Fat Matter?

The body needs fat to stay healthy. It helps the body to use certain vitamins and supports some functions. However, eating too much of some kinds of fats can increase your aging relative’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In addition, eating fats can lead to weight gain because they are high in calories.

What Are Unhealthy Fats?

There are two main kinds of bad fats, trans fats and saturated fats. Trans fats occur in small amounts in certain foods. However, the majority of trans fats that people eat are manufactured in a process called hydrogenation. The process turns liquid fats into solids. Trans fats are harmful because they increase total cholesterol levels, bad cholesterol levels, and triglycerides. In addition, they lower good cholesterol levels. Trans fats are common in processed snack foods, like chips and cookies. Trans fats are also found in stick margarine, shortening, and some fast foods.

Saturated fats are mostly found in animal-based foods, like meat and dairy. They increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood, which can lead to heart disease. In general, diabetics should get 10 percent or fewer of their daily calories from saturated fat.

What Are Healthy Fats?

When it comes to healthy fats, there are three main kinds to look for:

Monounsaturated Fat: This kind of fat is found in some oils and foods.

Polyunsaturated Fat: You’ll find polyunsaturated fat mainly in plant-based foods and oils.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: This kind of fat is believed to be especially good for the heart. It’s found in certain kinds of fatty fish.

Experts say that when people replace trans and saturated fats in their diets with healthy fats, it lowers the chances that they will develop cardiovascular problems.

If your aging relative is diabetic and needs help eating a healthier diet, senior care can help. Senior care providers can assist them to plan meals that conform to the eating plan suggested by the doctor or dietician. Senior care providers can also drive the older adult to the store and help with the shopping so they don’t have to choose convenience foods that are easier to get or wait for a family member to be available to drive them.


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