Could Sensory-Friendly Shows Get Your Mom to Go to the Movies Again?

A family day out is good for relieving tension and enjoying quality time together. On a rainy day, movies are a great idea. Some seniors cannot stand the noise, dim lighting, distance to bathrooms, and difficulty understanding what a character says. They refuse to see a movie in the theater. Does that sound like your mom?

Senior Care Rochester NY - Could Sensory-Friendly Shows Get Your Mom to Go to the Movies Again?

Senior Care Rochester NY – Could Sensory-Friendly Shows Get Your Mom to Go to the Movies Again?

Have you considered taking your mom to a sensory-friendly movie? These special movie showings solve many of the problems older people experience.

What is a Sensory-Friendly Movie?

Sensory-friendly movies were developed at the beginning for families with autistic children. They’ve become a popular way to get people with any mental disability or illness to enjoy a movie without some of the hurdles that a normal movie presents. They’re excellent options for families with a parent who has some form of dementia.

In a sensory-friendly movie, the lights don’t get dimmed as much. They stay brighter so that the eyes don’t have to adjust to the dark. If a bathroom trip is needed during the movie, there’s less risk of tripping in the dark. If your mom has a hard time staying still and is soothed by pacing, that’s no problem.

The movies are often in the mid-morning, so no one is out late. Volume is kept lower than usual. For people with hearing impairments, closed captioning is on the lower part of the screen. During the movie, talking isn’t frowned upon. The show starts immediately. You don’t sit through half an hour of previews. You’re also allowed to bring an item that keeps your mom comfortable if she tends to get fidgety.

What Are Other Options?

If your mom still doesn’t like the idea of going to the movies, you could hold a movie afternoon in her home. Many free movie services exist, which makes it easy to find movies everyone will enjoy. For a few dollars, you can rent digital movies from places like Amazon, Google, or Vudu.

For that movie day, people could bring their own snacks. You could also set up a table filled with snacks that people can help you stock up. You could have bowls or bags of popcorn, bags of candy, and water bottles, seltzer, and soft drinks.

On days you can’t spend quality time with your mom, have you looked into senior care services. Rather than leaving your mom alone and longing for companionship, you could have a caregiver spend time with her. Senior care providers help with many aspects of daily life. They can provide rides to stores, help schedule appointments, or do light housework.

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