Bedroom Organization: Four Changes to Make That Can Keep Your Dad From Falling

According to the National Council on Aging, approximately six elderly adults fall and require emergency care each minute. Three times an hour, an elderly adult dies from injuries received in a fall. While more than half of all falls occur outside the home, per the World Health Organization, 26 percent occur on a level surface inside the home, and 3 percent of those occur when getting out of bed.

Senior Care Rochester NY - Bedroom Organization: Four Changes to Make That Can Keep Your Dad From Falling

Senior Care Rochester NY – Bedroom Organization: Four Changes to Make That Can Keep Your Dad From Falling

You want to get your dad’s bedroom organized. Keep fall prevention in mind. Make these four changes to help him avoid a fall in his bedroom.

Buy a Bed Support Rail

Has your dad fallen out of bed or when getting out of bed? Do you worry that he might? A bed support rail is a helpful device when it comes to preventing falls. If he tosses and turns a lot, the rail will keep him from falling off the bed. He can use it as a grab bar until he has gained balance.

Check for Loose or Slippery Flooring

Wood flooring can be slippery. If your dad has throw rugs for traction, make sure the rugs have a rubberized backing that prevents them from slipping. You should also check the edges to make sure they’re not curling up and causing a hazard. It may be better to remove rugs completely. When he gets up, he can put on his slippers and have soles that grip the floor and prevent him from sliding on the bare floor.

Install Motion Sensor Night Lights

Many seniors get up at least once during the night. Bladder control is harder as you age. Install motion sensor night lights in your dad’s bedroom and on the way to the bathroom to make sure he can see where he’s going.

Make Sure Storage is Plentiful

Items left on the floor or that slip onto the floor from a bureau, chair, or bed can be hazardous. If your dad put his robe on a chair, but it falls to the floor, he could step on it and slip or get tangled up. Make sure that there’s a storage spot for everything in his room. A coat hanger on the back of the bedroom door makes sure there’s a spot for his robe. Wooden shelving with bamboo baskets is also handy for smaller items like remotes, books, or shoes.

Hire senior care services to be there when your dad gets up. A steady arm is helpful at getting out of bed or in and out of the shower. Learn more by calling our senior care agency now.


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