How to Manage Daily Living for a Loved One with Incontinence

Senior Care Perinton NY

Senior Care Perinton NYIncontinence can mean for your senior loved one that she’s losing some of her independence. This can be really scary and it can mean trying a few different tactics to help your loved one enjoy each day to the fullest.

Use Disposable Protection Pads Around the House

Around the house, your loved one may feel more relaxed and less likely to want to wear protective underwear or even pads. It can be helpful to have a few different protective pads on favorite chairs or in your loved one’s bed just in case of accidents. Using disposable pads helps to cut down dramatically on extra laundry and makes cleaning up a breeze.

Keep a Change of Clothes in the Car

When you and your senior loved one do go out and about, it helps to have a set of extra clothes handy, just in case. Even the best protection products can have a mishap, making your loved one extremely uncomfortable if she has to spend any time at all in soiled clothing. Keep a change of underwear and clothing in a bag, just in case.

Try Different Incontinence Supplies if Your Loved One Is Having Difficulty

Sometimes your senior loved one might resist using specific incontinence products not because she’s trying to be difficult, but because there’s something that she doesn’t like about them. It’s particularly important, especially if your loved one can’t communicate well with you, that you take her dismissal of a particular product seriously. Try different products until you find the right combination for her.

Overcoming Objections to Protective Pads or Underwear

If your senior loved one objects to all protective pads or underwear, no matter what, she may simply be trying to reject the fact that she needs extra help. You can try reasoning with your elderly loved one and that might produce some results for you. Many times, though, you may have to work around your loved one. Try putting pads in her underwear before you hand them to her. If she needs full incontinence underwear, consider moving her other underwear to a different location so that she doesn’t have other choices.

Let your loved one’s other family members and senior care providers know what you’ve found that works for your elderly loved one so that they can help you to keep up your loved one’s routine.

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