Senior Care in Webster, NY: Dental Hygiene Month

Andrew’s father had always been known for his illustrious smile. His teeth were straight and always seemed to be white and his smile was infectious. As he got older, though, Andrew began to notice that his father’s hygiene wasn’t quite what it used to be and this was noticeable with that once gleaming smile.

Andrew didn’t know what to do about the situation and he was afraid to even bring it to his father’s attention because his father had always been proud of that smile, but it Senior Care in Webster, NYhinted to Andrew that it was time to begin looking into senior care for his father.

Andrew didn’t know where to start, but what triggered the beginning of all of it, what caused him to actually find senior care referral services, was when he realized that it October was Dental Hygiene Month. What better time to focus on the subtle warning sign that his father, now having been living on his own for more than five years, was having trouble taking care of himself?

However, Andrew wasn’t about to bring the subject up to his father right away. He had to learn more about senior care and what it exactly entailed. He could imagine his father’s reaction at needing someone to come to his home, check on him, and as his father would undoubtedly say, “Why would I need someone to babysit me?”

But Andrew called around anyway and what he learned was that when seniors were having trouble with their basic hygiene, whether it was washing their clothing, taking showers, or even brushing their teeth, it could be a sign that they need assistance. For some, it could signal depression. For others, it could simply be a matter of not being able to comfortable get up and down the stairs to the washer and dryer or struggling to get in and out of the shower, for example.

When Andrew’s father’s smile was changing, it could be that he simply isn’t able to remember whether he brushed his teeth, he might not be able to do it properly, or floss, or any number of reasons.

Andrew finally sat down with his father and discussed the problems that he saw. His father didn’t get upset; he was actually relieved that Andrew brought it up because, as he said, “I was too embarrassed to say anything to you. I just can’t do some of these things anymore and I don’t know why.”

Andrew and his father found the perfect senior care agency and provider and he looks and feels better, and that smile has returned.

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