Senior Care in Pittsford, NY: Senior Travel Plans

Just because an elderly adult needs senior care services to help out with her everyday needs doesn’t mean she won’t take the opportunity to take a trip to attend her great-grand-daughter’s wedding. Or perhaps it’s a family reunion; or maybe she just wants to go back to Hawaii one more time and smell the fresh ocean air. Whatever the reason, there are many seniors who travel.

Senior Care in Pittsford, NYA senior and her companion can go on a trip together, if that’s something that’s available through your senior care agency. Elderly people, just like others with limited mobility, can be accommodated on the trips and also at the hotels where they stay. Hotels, bed-and-breakfasts and even quaint little inns are all updating their accessibility features to attract the travelling senior clientele.

Seniors’ needs can be accommodated by bus, train, cruise ship and plane. Whether they are going for one or two nights or a week, there are ways to access programs which will take care of people with special needs, mobility aids, medical supplies, assistive devices and other equipment.

Check with the elderly loved one’s personal physician to find out about safety with flying and with going through metal detectors (alert for pacemaker wearers). Items like necessary medical supplies should be carried on with the senior so that important medications don’t run the risk of getting lost or delayed in luggage.

It’s helpful to carry a note from her doctor explaining why she is carrying needles or other medical paraphernalia related to diabetes or any other condition. A drug that is over-the-counter in the U.S. could be a controlled substance in another country (one example is drugs containing codeine) so check with the restrictions of the flights as well as the countries of destination.

A thing like supplemental oxygen is controlled by flight regulations. If there are needs for special transportation services above and beyond what is normally offered, arrangements will need to be made ahead of time. Calling ahead and making a reservation to use a wheelchair or other mobility device is recommended.

Elderly seniors can have a lot of fun and make good memories by taking trips as often as they can physically and financially. It does them a lot of good to get away for a while and see new things, meet new people, reconnect with family and friends who live great distances away. With a little bit of planning ahead and preparation, these trips can be successful and very beneficial.

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