Senior Care in Pittsford, NY: Martin Luther King Day is on January 20th – Learn more about the History of this Important Holiday

Dr. Martin Luther King JrThe Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday is a national holiday which was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan in January 1983. This holiday celebrates Dr. King’s tremendous contribution to the U.S.A and to humankind entirely. The holiday has been made possible because of the resolute leadership of Mrs. Coretta Scott King, founder and president of the King Center.

The King Holiday is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of January. On this day the country remembers Dr. King’s contributions and honors his legacy by treating the day as one of community service. On this day, senior care providers can discuss his achievements with the elderly.

Dr. King originally hailed from Atlanta, Georgia. He was assassinated in Tennessee on April 4, 1968. This shook the African-American community, and Americans were keen that a day be set aside in his honor. By the year 1970, a few cities began to celebrate King’s birthday, January 15th, as a holiday. This continued until the federal government finally authorized a holiday. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was first commemorated in 1986. Each year, this day is celebrated in honor of King’s work and memory.

The efforts of people like King and some other advocates of civil rights have resulted in African-Americans getting a multitude of opportunities. There are a few traditions that have been maintained over the years for Martin Luther King Day. This is a day on which equal rights for all Americans are promoted irrespective of their background. On this day, students of some educational institutions learn about Martin Luther King’s work and his fight against racial segregation. Senior care experts can discuss Dr. King’s works with the elders of the house. In recent times, federal rulings have encouraged Americans to volunteer some time to work in citizen action groups on this day. They can devote some time in senior care as well.

Martin Luther King Day is also called Martin Luther King’s birthday or Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In different states, this day is clubbed with other days. For example, in New Hampshire and Arizona, it is observed together with Civil Rights Day, while in Idaho, it is combined with Human Rights Day. In some states, this day is celebrated along with Robert E. Lee’s birthday. In Wyoming State, this day is called Wyoming Equality Day.

On Martin Luther King Day, many corporations and non-essential government offices are closed. Some colleges, schools, and senior care offices also remain closed while others stay open to teach about Martin Luther King’s life and work.

Smaller businesses such as local restaurants and grocery stores generally stay open. But according to the recent trends, a larger number of stores opt to remain closed on this day. Some organizations open on Washington’s birthday to compensate for this holiday. Recent government legislations encourage Americans to volunteer some of their time on Martin Luther King Day and work as part of citizen action groups. Some public transit systems operate as stated by their regular schedules while others do not.

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