How to Talk to an Elderly Loved One About the Need for a Caregiver

Senior Care in Perinton NY

Senior Care in Perinton NYBeing a family caregiver is not easy, especially when you have a hundred other responsibilities clamoring for your attention at the same time. One way to resolve the situation is to bring in extra help in the form of home care providers. Your elderly loved one may not see this as a plan that he can get behind, though. Here are some tips for bringing up the plan and for bringing your loved one on board.

Play Up the Assistance Angle

Often family members bring up caregiving needs from the standpoint that the loved one is at a stage of life in which he requires someone to be there at all times for his own safety. While this might be true, it’s not something that your loved one necessarily wants to hear. If you can place a heavier weight on the assistance part of what senior care providers can do for your loved one, you’re more likely to get a positive response.

Forcing the Situation Won’t Be Helpful

Frustration can make you say things that you don’t necessarily mean and one of those things can be along the lines of your loved one accepting care providers “or else.” Even if your loved one sees a need for caregiving help, feeling forced into the situation won’t make it any easier to adjust to.

Keep Your Loved One Involved

Since you’re trying to make your loved one feel less like you’re forcing this on him, do everything that you can to help him feel involved. The person you hire will be working closely with your loved one, after all. Your loved one should be involved with the interviewing process and the entire search process. Doing this ensures that you wind up with care providers that your loved one enjoys spending time with.

Remember This Can Be a Process

There’s more to hiring the right senior care providers than simply pulling a name out of a hat. The chemistry has to be right on all sides and the situation needs to be a good fit overall. You might have to go through some trial and error until your loved one is fully on board.

Take the time to make sure that your loved one understands the reasoning behind the steps you’re taking so that he’s more accepting.

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