The Importance of Weather Radios and Alerts for Seniors

Senior Care in Penfield NY

Senior Care in Penfield NYSummer is here and with warmer temperatures also comes the threat of severe weather in the way of severe heat, thunderstorms, heavy winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes. There’s no way to prevent the weather from happening, but there is a way to help keep the senior you care for safe by giving them forewarning of potentially dangerous weather hitting their area. That can be done in a few different ways.

One popular way for years has been via NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Weather Radio. What exactly is NOAA Weather Radio? It is a nationwide network of radio stations that continuously broadcast weather information, 24/7 directly from a local or nearby National Weather Service office. Considered “the Voice of the National Weather Service,” NOAA Weather Radio serves as an alerting device for severe or potentially sever weather situations. It also alerts listeners to other life-threatening situations, weather-related or not. This could include information about forest fires, chemical spills, evacuations, terrorist attacks, etc. A weather radio that carries NOAA Weather Radio provides a single source for weather and other emergency information for your community. Simply stated, it can provide users with potentially lifesaving notice before major weather events and such occur. They can also be programmed to wake users in the event of an emergency broadcast, much like a fire or carbon monoxide detector would.

NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts on one of seven VHF frequencies but cannot be heard on a regular AM/FM radio. Instead they are broadcast over independently-manufactured weather radios.

Some communities receive grant money to allow them to give the radios out free to people 60 years or older. But even if it has to be paid for, the price is typically under $50, though some can run a bit higher. They can be gotten through a county’s emergency management office or local sheriff’s department, or many electronic stores or online retailers, like Amazon carry them also.

In addition to weather radios, if your loved one has a cell phone on which they can get apps, there are weather alert applications such a iMap Weather, Weather Bug, Weather Channel, Weather Underground, etc. Some are free, others are very low cost. The same is true of most local TV channels now where they offer their own apps for weather and other emergency-related notices. And most county emergency management offices or law enforcement agencies also allow you to sign up for emergency-type alerts that they can receive via a smart phone.

Whichever way your loved one decides to go, it’s important to do something where they can be alerted to emergency information of all types and it should be something that can hold a charge for a long period of time—which many cell phones do, depending on their use—or operate on batteries, in the event of a power outage.

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