Senior Care in Greece, NY: World Gratitude Day

This observance started back in 1965 when attendees of an International East-West United Nations meeting in Hawaii pledged to celebrate gratitude the next September 21st in their respective home countries. Over their Thanksgiving dinner, they felt the need for more gratitude in the world.

On this day of gratitude being celebrated around the world, people are encouraged to give an award, gift of appreciation or even a simple thank you card to others for their contributions. Often in our busy lives we even forget to sincerely say thank you for all the little things people do each day.

Senior Care in Greece, NYThis is a perfect time to show gratitude to everyone for all they do. Sometimes senior care service providers are the unsung heroes, as are family caregivers. They both contribute a lot of their time, energy, compassion and kindness towards taking care of our elderly loved ones.

Gratitude is such a small and easy thing to show, yet it reaps big rewards for both the giver and the receiver. When was the last time someone went out of their way to make you feel appreciated? It gives you an awesome feeling. It makes you feel wanted and important. The receiver gets a real boost of esteem and happiness.

The giver of gratitude also feels great. Even though gratitude is something you give away, giving it just helps you to feel it even more and want to give more away. Your gratitude stores never run out if you keep them filled up by giving even more gratitude to those around you.

Gratitude, gratefulness, thankfulness and appreciation are all words that basically describe the same thing. It’s when you have the desire to acknowledge the benefits you have received because of someone else’s thoughtfulness or service towards you or a loved one. Showing gratitude can enrich your life emotionally as well as improve your health.

Life is made up of both pain and blessings, as everyone probably knows. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude during your life can help you to find the strength to make it through the tough times. Trying to find something to be happy about in moments of distress can really help you feel encouraged. Often, people look back on the hardest trials they have had to face and if they can find something to be grateful for, they can see the trial from an entirely new perspective.

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