Senior Care in Greece, NY: Learning to Use a Wheelchair

Senior Care in Greece, NYIf your parent has recently had their mobility decline, whether they suffered a fall, have arthritis or other problems, they may have need of a wheelchair. The sad fact is a lot of people would prefer to just hobble around, sometimes with a cane, or even stay home instead of get a wheelchair. Your aging parent can have some barriers and not want to use a wheelchair, but continuing on in discomfort and walking painfully slowly is a lot less effective solution than asking for help.

How to Choose a Wheelchair

Your mother or father’s caregiver will be able to help with this decision. Involving senior care services will ensure that you have all the information you need and spend your money on the features that matter the most. Here are a few options for you to consider:

  • Manual wheelchairs are ones that use your arms to turn the wheels. Some models have parts that are movable or can be changed depending in the needs of your aging parent
  • Battery powered wheelchairs are ones that run on batteries that charge overnight for day use. Some are made for different surfaces, such as riding over dirt, pavement, or sand. Certain types are even made to climb up stairs or lift you up to reach things. If your parent has trouble using their hands, you can get attachments for them to move the chair with their chin or mouth instead.
  • Make sure when you’re choosing a wheelchair that your parent finds it comfortable. Consult the caregiver when deciding on a model.
  • Can your parent get into and out of the chair easily?
  • Think about your elderly loved one’s home and frequent visiting areas: will it be easy for them to get around in it and still do what they want to every day?
  • Is the model of wheelchair your parent needs in your budget? Look at several different options before choosing.
  • What places and surfaces are you going to be using the wheelchair with?
  • Consider getting a wheelchair that can easily fold for vehicle transportation.
  • Will this wheelchair last your aging parent a long time?

Choosing a wheelchair is just as important as choosing a new car, and some would argue that it’s even more important because your parent will be spending most of every day sitting in it, whereas cars are for transportation in between activities only. A wheelchair should be able to get your senior adult to the places they need to go safely and be a comfortable seat for them during activities as well. Senior care service will be able to assist your loved one in getting in and out of the chair, how to navigate through the home, etc.

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