Thinking of Taking in Mom this Year? When Senior Care in Fairport, NY can Hurt a Relationship

Your mother has been struggling in certain areas of her life for a while now. She hasn’t been quite the same since your father passed away and you wish there was something that you could do to help, but while she has taken a long time to mourn and get back to life in some form, she has been improving in that respect. Now, you’ve noticed that she is having some trouble getting around and has called you on more than one occasion to ask for help with certain, basic things around the house. You’ve considered hiring senior care for her, but lately you’ve also been thinking that you could have her move in with you.

The latter idea could solve a number of problems, you think, and it could save both you and her a lot of money by not having to keep up two homes, she could sell hers, Senior Care in Fairport, NYand you wouldn’t have to worry about paying for senior health care services. While your intentions are good, and even though you might get along well with your mother, sometimes the best intentions lead to the worst results.

Caring for someone who is related to you, such as a mother or father, may seem like the right thing to do. It may seem like the noble thing to do. However, there are many problems that can arise as a result of you providing this level of care.

When your mother moves in with you, the rules and expectations may change. They might not be deliberate, but your mother likely has a certain way that she wants things done. She may prefer the sugar bowl be stored somewhere else. She may expect the television to be off at certain times during the evening when you watch your favorite show. She may end up relying on you more because you’re around all of the time.

Tensions can quickly build in these sorts of relationships because you may be frustrated about something but just don’t want to say anything because you’re afraid you’ll offend or upset her. Then negative emotions continue to swell until they explode. This is what can hurt a relationship. So while you may realize that your mother needs some form of senior care, having her move in with you may not be the right decision. Consider senior home services as a positive alternative.

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