How Does Your Loved One's Doctor Diagnose Essential Tremor?

Senior Care in Fairport NY

Senior Care in Fairport NYIt can be scary to go to an appointment with your loved one if you aren’t sure what kinds of tests to expect. When your loved one’s doctor is diagnosing something like essential tremor, there are a few different ways that he can do this. First, he’ll ask you and your loved one some questions and then he’s likely to perform at least a few of these tests.

Lab Tests

Laboratory tests are some of the easiest tests for your loved one to undergo because they usually involve testing bodily fluids, typically urine or blood, for a variety of ailments. Your loved one’s doctor is likely to order a full panel of testing, especially if your loved one hasn’t gone through those tests recently. The testing allows your loved one’s doctor to rule out condition and ailments that couldn’t possibly be connected with the symptoms that he’s experiencing. If your loved one’s doctor does spot something unusual in the bloodwork, he can start following up on those results.

Neurological Tests

When your loved one’s doctor does neurological tests, he’s looking for specific responses. Some of the most common neurological tests involve reflex testing, where your loved one’s doctor taps a small hammer on specific tendons to provoke a specific response. Your loved one’s doctor is also going to look for other signs, such as the strength of his muscles, his response to specific sensations, and he may ask him to walk. Watching your loved one walk allows his doctor to check gait, coordination, and your loved one’s posture.

Hands-on Tests

Your loved one’s doctor may want to have an objective, hands-on look at how bad the tremor actually is, so he might ask your loved one to perform some specific tasks. These can be simple tasks, such as holding objects or putting pegs into holes. Your loved one’s doctor might ask him to write something on a piece of paper or even just perform simple exercises. The types of hands-on activities your loved one’s doctor asks him to perform can vary, but they’re a way for him to see your loved one’s symptoms in action.

Before the doctor’s visit, your loved one may need to follow specific instructions. If that’s the case, make sure that you mention them to your loved one’s senior care providers, especially if you can’t go with him to the appointment.

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