Senior Care Fun: Relaxing with Your Loved Ones on Lazy Day

Senior Care in Penfield, NY

Senior Care in Penfield, NYYou know that physical and mental activity are critical elements of keeping your aging loved ones healthy, and you spend a considerable amount of time finding creative and interesting ways to keep these types of stimulation a regular part of your senior care plan. On August 10, remind yourself that a little bit of rest and relaxation is also good for you by celebrating Lazy Day with your senior parents.

Lazy Day is all about rest, recuperation, and just enjoying the fun of being lazy. This gives your brain a chance to decompress and eases the stress of trying to fit too much into your schedule on a daily basis. On this day, you are not to worry about how many steps you walked or if your parents got enough cognitive stimulation in. Instead, all of you get the chance to relax together, bond your relationship, and build some fun memories.

Try these ideas for relaxing with your loved ones on Lazy Day:

• Give the care provider the day off. If your aging parents only need a small amount of help, or you are capable of handling their needs, give their senior health care services provider the day off. This lets her enjoy being lazy and gives you and your parents enjoy spending quality time together. If this is not an option, let her know that the day is about being lazy so she is not tempted to try to schedule outings or other activities.

• Wear your best comfy clothes. You do not have to roll out of bed and spend the day in the same pajamas you slept in, but you can follow up a relaxing hot shower with a fresh pair of lounge pants and an oversized T-shirt so you are comfortable all day. Schedule a shopping trip for a few days before Lazy Day so that you and your parents can pick out new slippers just for the occasion.

• Watch your favorite movies. Once you get your necessary tasks, such as bathing, dressing, eating, and managing any medical treatments needed, settle in for a movie marathon. Pick several of your favorites along with your parents’ favorites and decide together what order to watch them in. This is a great opportunity to share memories and laugh together.

• Order in. Be particularly lazy and make memories with a special treat for your aging loved ones by ordering lunch or dinner from a favorite delivery place. Break the rules a little by enjoying your meal right from the to-go containers in front of the TV, or at least give yourself permission to hold off on doing the dishes until after your Lazy Day festivities are over.

• Take pictures. The next time you are feeling stressed and exhausted, you will want to remember how much fun you had being lazy. Be sure to take pictures of your parents snuggled up with their favorite blankets and yourself fin your lazy clothes so you can look back on them years down the line.

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