Senior Care Fun: Beautiful Day is November 20th

Senior Care in Pittsford, NY

Senior-Care-in-Pittsford-NYEveryone needs some beauty in their lives, and that is especially true as you are facing the challenges and demands of a senior care journey with your elderly loved ones. While you are handling the responsibilities of meeting your parents’ needs on a daily basis it is easy to fall into a rut, get depressed, or simply focus so much on giving your aging parents the care, assistance, and support that they need that you start to miss all of the wonderful things that are all around you. This can diminish your quality of life and actually lessen your ability to be as compassionate, nurturing, and effective in your caregiver role as you could be.

November 20 is Beautiful Day, a holiday set aside specifically for you to look for and appreciate the beautiful things in life. This day is your opportunity to create and honor beauty, experience wonderful things, and feel grateful for all of the beautiful things that touch your life on a daily basis. This is a great time for you to spend with your aging loved ones, their senior health care services provider, your children, and your partner finding all the things around you that are beautiful and enhance your senior care journey together.

Use some of these ideas to inspire your Beautiful Day celebrations with your family:

• Take a walk. Some of the greatest beauty exists right outside your door. Taking a nature walk allows you to enjoy the beauty that the world holds, from the last of the fall leaves and the patterns that the branches create over the sky, to birds flying in formation. Stroll through your neighborhood, a park, or visit a new area to explore everything that that space has to offer so you can appreciate the natural beauty and remind yourself of all of the wonderful things that exist around you.

• Create art. Make your own beauty in the world and encourage your aging loved ones to express themselves, spark their creativity, and stimulate their minds by creating their own art. Offer a variety of mediums so that your seniors, your children, your partner, and you can create the projects that speak to you. Crayons, paint, clay, and even photography are fantastic options for making art together.

• Share memories. The most beautiful things that you have to appreciate in your life are your relationships with your loved ones, so take some time on Beautiful Day to remember all of the wonderful times that you have had together. Sit down together and look through photo albums, watch old family movies, and encourage everyone to share favorite memories. You may be surprised at all of the things that your parents remember, and even some of the new things that you learn about them.

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