See Through the Eyes of the Glaucoma Sufferer: Understanding Your Elderly Loved One's Limitations

Home Care in Penfield, NY – Consider How Your Loved One Views the World Around Them When Providing Elderly Care

Home Care in Penfield NYIt’s not always easy to understand what somebody else is going through. Being able to step into somebody else’s perspective and experience the challenges they face can often be extremely important. For a person who has been diagnosed with glaucoma, there may be numerous challenges that they will be facing in the coming months.

Glaucoma is an eye condition in which pressure begins to increase on the optic nerve. If it is not addressed and treated in a fair amount of time, it can ultimately lead to blindness. Many elderly clients who are diagnosed with glaucoma will begin to struggle with certain aspects of their vision. Some may have a narrowing of the field of vision while others may have difficulty seeing in darker rooms and environments.

If you want to truly understand how to approach home care in the best way for your elderly loved one, you can try to step into their shoes and figure out exactly what they might be experiencing.

When you go home at the end of a long day, avoid turning on a lot of lights throughout your house. When you have difficulty seeing different things in the room, you will likely approach walking through it differently. You will probably be more cautious with each step. You may need to get much closer to certain objects in order to be certain about what you are seeing.

All of this can slow down the process of getting from one room to the next.

If your elderly loved one is completely blind or is considered ‘legally blind,’ then you can try using a blindfold while at home for an entire day. Once you have to maneuver throughout your house without the benefit of your eyes, something you have been used to using your entire life, you should begin to have a better understanding of the challenges the elderly client is facing, but on an everyday basis. For them, there is no pulling off the blindfold to find relief.

The best way to become more aware of what your elderly love one may be experiencing, especially someone for whom you will provide home care, find a way to step into their perspective, even if it is only for a short while. This may give you a better grasp of their challenges and that can help you provide the support he or she needs most within their home.

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