Security and Home Care Services in Rochester, NY

Home Care Services in Rochester, NYDoes your elderly loved one, who is receiving or requires some form of home care services, have a security system installed in his or her home? If so, then this has likely provided a great deal of safety through the years. Some systems can enable emergency services to be called even in the event that something has happened to the homeowner, such as falling or suffering some sort of medical emergency.

One thing that is often overlooked, however, when it comes to hiring a home care service provider, is making sure that the security system is disabled when they arrive. Depending on the mental and physical abilities of your loved one, this may be an easy task, but what happens if your loved one is unable to answer the door, is in bed and can’t get up, or cannot make it to the door for any number of reasons?

Would the in home care service provider be able to get into the home? Would she be able to disarm the alarm in this instance? Or would she need to contact you or another family member before being able to get inside?

There are plenty of reasons why someone would keep their security system for the home on during the middle of the day. When an elderly individual is home alone, they may feel more comfortable or secure keeping the system ‘armed.’ Even when they know that someone will be stopping by, enabling a security system can become a force of habit, something that they have been doing for years and do so without thinking much about it, or the repercussions that it could have at the moment.

If your elderly loved one is wary about letting anyone have access to their security code, especially a new caregiver, then it’s important that you or someone else, such as a trusted neighbor, would have the code and who could let the caregiver into the home in the event that your loved one is not answering the door.

As noted, there are many reasons why your loved one might not be able to answer the door and many of them are not actual emergencies. If emergency services are not required, then they shouldn’t be called. So when your loved one has any type of security system for their home, then it’s a good idea to discuss how they would like to involve home care services when it comes to that security system.

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