Sandwiches and Home Care Services in Pittsford, NY: Look Out for These Common Problems

Home Care Services in Pittsford, NYSandwiches are a staple of American culture, and while some people will grow out of the traditional sandwich, for those who still enjoy a nice ham and cheese sandwich or peanut butter and jelly on white bread, there are some things to consider, especially when you’re referring to an elderly individual who relies on home care services.

The body changes through time. Some people grow up with absolutely not type of allergies, but by the time they are in their thirties or forties, they have reactions to hay fever, cut grass, or pollen. Others may begin to develop allergies to certain foods, including lactose, peanuts, and more.

Diabetes is continuing to be a major problem throughout the United States, and many foods are full of sugar. Now GMOs are the hot topic and while many European countries have banned these genetically modified foods due to health concerns, the FDA seems to have no concern about the citizens of the United States.

It’s Sandwich Generation Month in the United States and if you’re a product of that generation, or your elderly loved one is, then you know how enjoyable it is to sit down and bite into a common sandwich. It’s important, though, to look out for some common problems that can arise as a result of eating sandwiches for the elderly.

White bread is processed.

It’s always best to look for breads that are natural and have no artificial colorings or additives. White bread is the worst for your health. Focus on wheat or, better yet, whole grain bread.

Watch out for hard rolls.

Even for the elderly individual who has all of his or her original teeth, hard rolls can be tough for them to eat. Focus on making sandwiches as easy as possible to chew.

Cheese is lactose based.

If a person is lactose intolerant, traditional cheese can be a problem. Focus on cheeses that don’t contain any lactose.

Pay attention to peanut allergies.

There are more peanut allergies today than ever before and while researchers try to determine the cause, your elderly loved one may have developed, or had, this allergy.

Know what the elderly individual enjoys and what’s safe for them. With home care services, enjoying a sandwich outside is a great way to spend some quality time together under the warmth of the summer sun

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