Preparing for Your Elderly Loved One's Doctor Visit

Elder Care in Brighton, NY – Use these Helpful Tips for Making the Most of Your Senior Loved One’s Doctor Appointments

Elder Care in Brighton, NYWhen your senior loved one has a doctor appointment, it may be up to you – the elderly home care provider – to assist and ensure the best care possible. You want to be able to make the most out of the visit, since doctors are very busy. Your elderly loved one is probably lucky to get 10 minutes of face time with the doctor, so every moment is important. Help them be prepared for their upcoming doctor appointment with these tips.

Take a List of Prescriptions

Many seniors have multiple doctors, and chances are they don’t communicate with each other. Therefore, they likely don’t know about the medications that the other doctors are prescribing your senior loved one. These prescriptions may be interacting negatively with each other and you wouldn’t even know it, especially if they are filled at different pharmacies. Even vitamins and over-the-counter medications can react with other drugs, so make a list of everything they are taking and let the doctor review it to ensure safety. While you’re at the doctor, ask for any refills at that time. You don’t want it to become an emergency and end up missing doses because the doctor couldn’t refill the prescription timely.

Write Down All Your Questions Ahead of Time

Ever get to the doctor and forget everything you wanted to ask? Don’t let this happen to you next time. As you think of a question, write it down immediately. If you forget, you’ll either have to try to reach the doctor via phone or wait until the next appointment.

Let Go of Your Embarrassment

It might be embarrassing to ask the doctor about a specific issue, especially if it involves uncomfortable subjects such as incontinence or another sensitive subject. But remember that doctors are not easily embarrassed, and you shouldn’t be either (if you can help it). They have seem many clients and have heard just about everything. Doctors should make you feel comfortable, so if you have a question, speak up.

Attend Every Appointment

As an elderly health care provider, your job is to provide the best care possible for your elderly loved one. If they are suffering from cognitive issues, you need to be the eyes and ears and make sure that you hear everything from the doctor first-hand. You don’t want anything to be misinterpreted because improper treatment can lead to a serious situation. Keep a calendar handy so you don’t miss any appointments.

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