Potential Risks Pets Could Pose to Home Safety for a Senior

Senior Care in Fairport, NY – Pets Have Many Benefits for Seniors, But Risks Should Be Considered Also

Senior Care in Fairport, NYWhen talking about any type of senior home safety, for elderly individuals who have pets, especially cats and dogs, it’s an important topic to discuss. There are numerous studies that support the idea that having a pet can be incredibly beneficial for emotional and even physical health and well-being, even for aging seniors.

However, it’s also important to discuss the potential risks associated with pet ownership, especially for elderly individuals. Below are a number of potential risks that should be considered and while it doesn’t mean the individual has to give up their pet, certain provisions may need to be made to help ensure safety for everyone involved.

1. Large dogs could cause a fall.

Large dogs such as golden retrievers, pit bulls, and even Labrador retrievers have an incredible amount of strength in their compact bodies. Unless the animal is completely well trained and behaved, if he catches the scent of another animal, becomes excited and tries to pull on a leash when the senior is taking it for a walk, it can either pull free or pull the senior down to the ground, potentially causing serious injuries.

It may be necessary to install a run in the backyard along a cable or fence in the yard for the animal to go out and run around on its own.

2. Cleaning a litter box daily is essential.

Some people don’t clean out a litter box every day, but that can cause potential health problems for the animal as well as any person in the house. Think about it this way: would the pet owner and enjoy going to the bathroom in a toilet that hadn’t been flushed in days? Most people would readily say no.

If the senior has difficulty bending down, kneeling down, and doing similar types of motions or activities, they may require assistance to clean out the litter box on a daily basis.

3. Getting underfoot.

Small dogs and cats can be highly excitable, especially after a person returns from being out for a while or when it’s time to eat. If the senior is trying to walk down the hall to the kitchen to feed the pet, and if the pet is circling around their feet or darting in front of them or in and out between their legs, this can cause a serious tripping hazard.

If possible, it may be necessary to change the time the animal eats to when somebody would be there to help out.

Pay attention to these potential risks of pet ownership for seniors and you will help to improve home safety for them.

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