Plan a Great Mother’s Day Out as Part of Positive Senior Care

Elder Care in Pittsford, NY

Elder Care in Pittsford, NY

When Tara’s mother was 82 years old, it became clear that she was having difficulty tending to her own basic care at home. Tara didn’t live all that far away from her mother, so she began taking care of her on a regular basis. In time, though, it became clear that she couldn’t keep this up very long.

She sat down with her mother to discuss the prospect of senior care services and they both agreed that hiring a professional caregiver for a few days a week would be best for both of them. This year, though, the first year that Tara’s mother was relying on a professional senior care provider, she wanted to do something special for Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day this year is May 10 and there are plenty of ways that people can show their mother just how much they care. For any aging mother like Tara’s who is relying on some type of senior care, this year’s mother stayed special can be incredible.

One thing that Tara realized when she was trying to figure out what to do with her mother this year was that she was spending most of her time in the house. She had lost her license to drive, relied on a walker to get around, and basically didn’t go many places other than the store once in a while and to doctor’s appointments.

Tara sat down to try and remember some favorite destinations in the area. She wrote down a long list of places her mother used to enjoy going to, especially when Tara’s father was still alive. There were a few parks, and art gallery, museums, and even the zoo.

This year Tara was going to bring her mother to as many of those destination places as she could.

She planned ahead and made arrangements with the caregiver to ensure that this individual would be able to go with them to support Tara’s mother as she needed it. Tara knew that her mother required assistance going to the bathroom from time to time and she also knew this wouldn’t be a comfortable situation for either one of them.

Tara had to pay for the caregivers tickets, lunch, and other things they did on that day, but the look on her mother’s face, the smile that stretched across her expression, was more than well worth the extra investment in the effort to help her relive some wonderful memories from her life. That was a Mother’s Day that would be special for many years to come.

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