National Coupon Month and Senior Care


Senior Care in Henrietta, NY

Senior-Care-in-Henrietta-NYStarting in September of 1997, coupon clippers across the United States celebrated their first ever National Coupon Month. The purpose of dedicating the month of September to coupons was to help consumers understand the true value behind them. The choice of month was random based upon back-to-school sales and the need to have time to build up a holiday savings. Because aging seniors often live on a fixed income, launching a savings program through the observance of National Coupon Month is an excellent way for a family caregiver to help their aging loved one stretch those precious budget dollars.

In-Home Care Coupon Clipping Activities:

No matter if it’s a cents off coupon or one that is for a dollar or more, every bit helps reduce costs for those living on a fixed income. Because groceries is considered a controlled expense in a budget, use of coupons helps consumers significantly reduce how much they’re spending on everyday items. This is especially helpful for those who have room to store non-perishable items and are able to find good deals.

Coupon Clipping Parties: not only is this a great opportunity to get those coupons clipped, but aging seniors can get together with their friends for some socialization as well. This is also a great way to get rid of the coupons that aren’t needed and swap them out for ones that are missing from lists, too.

Drop and Run: if aging seniors are immobilized or don’t have enough energy to participate in a coupon clipping party, others who are helping with senior care can do what is called a “drop and run.” The family caregiver can sort through their aging loved one’s coupons, put the ones they’re not using into an envelope, and drop them off at a friend’s home. At that point, they can pick up another envelope from them. This swap out can happen two or three times weekly so an assortment of coupons are available.

Where to Get Coupons:

Internet Surfing: dozens of websites complete what is referred to as store coupon match-up’s for local grocery stores, chain stores, super centers, and drugstores each time their sales flyer is released. Not only does this save consumers hours of time, but it also allows them to click through the match-up and create their shopping list. Once their lists are made, all they have to do is find their coupons.

Printable Coupons: these same websites also educate consumers regarding where to find printable coupons. Some stores accept both a printable coupon and a manufacturer coupon, while others only accept one or the other at a time per product. Be sure to carefully read through store coupon policies before shopping to prevent undo frustrations.

Manufacturer Coupons: beyond that of finding these in the Sunday paper, manufacturer coupons can also be obtained directly from manufacturers. This takes some time, but it’s worth the effort because the coupons tend to be for a higher value or for free items. Websites like The Krazy Coupon Lady and Living Rich With Coupons provides information about how to send away to manufacturers for coupons.

Family members helping their aging loved ones with elder care can also benefit from participating in National Coupon Month  because there could be coupons they find and could use, as well.



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