Mom Moving In? Some Senior Care Safety Considerations in Brighton, NY

Senior Care in Brighton, NYIt wasn’t that Cheryl didn’t want her mother to move in with her, it was that she didn’t expect things to change so much in those first few months, or that she would need to make changes to her home as a result. However, Cheryl knew that ensuring her mother’s safety was essential for proper senior care.

They had talked about a number of things before finally deciding that moving in with her was the best choice. They considered hiring senior care services, but they didn’t want to commit to the expense that would mean. They figured if they needed that level of help at some point, they would address it later.

For now, they thought she would be comfortable with Cheryl and that Cheryl would be able to care for her. Within the first couple of days, it became clear that there would need to be some changes made to accommodate proper senior care and safety.

Light switches

Cheryl’s mother had arthritis in her hands and on the days when it was severe, it made turning on and off traditional light switches very difficult. It made turning on a lamp nearly impossible.

So Cheryl had the main light switches changed out to larger push-button style switches and added foot switch operated extension cords for a few of the lamps.

Grab bars in the bathtub

Her mother’s bathroom was relatively small, and the tub surround was standard size, so Cheryl had grab bars installed as well as a shower seat. This allowed her mother to walk in and have support getting in and out of the shower and it also provided her with an opportunity to sit down to rest while she showered.

Replacing thick carpeting

The carpeting in Cheryl’s home was old and she knew that it was time to replace it, but she was glad that she had waited, because with her mother relying on a walker, she decided to install hardwood floors in some rooms and low pile carpet in others to make it easier for her mother to get through the house.

Forward controls on the stove

Cheryl had a friend who was looking to replace her stove with a gas one, and it had stove top controls at the front of the oven rather than the back. This was important because Cheryl knew that her mother moved slower and if she let her arm hang too low over a hot burner when trying to turn it off, she could burn herself or her clothing could catch fire.

These are just a few changes that Cheryl had to make when she took her mother in to provide senior care for her.

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