Making the Transition to Elderly Care in Rochester, NY

Elderly Care in Rochester, NYFor most of her life, Mildred was an independent woman. Even when she met the man of her dreams when she was nineteen, she was always determined to be strong and as independent as she could be, given marriage and all of the emotional responsibilities that went along with it. Five years after she lost her husband of 60 years, Mildred found herself requiring assistance in the form of elderly care.

She didn’t like to think about it and she did her best to keep any potential difficulties or challenges that she was facing hidden from her children, but her daughter had spent a lot of time with her through the years and she knew that something was wrong. Finally, Mildred confided in her daughter that she was having some trouble living on her own.

However, she also noted that she had no intention of moving any time soon. She and her husband spent most of their 60 years together living in this house and she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving. At least not yet.

That’s when her daughter mentioned that she didn’t have to leave, which was a relief to her as she thought there might not be many options. Instead, her daughter told her that she could hire elderly care providers, or more specifically just one, who would come to the house and be there to support her with anything that she needed. To Mildred, that sounded like a good thing, but she was worried about meeting this stranger.

During the week leading up to this elder care provider coming into her home, she was calling her daughter just about every day and talking about all of the things that could go wrong, about the stories she read about where a caregiver stole from their client, or did much worse. Her daughter listened but then assured her that she had checked out this care provider well and that she came highly recommended.

She then told Mildred that it was important to remain positive during this transition. She told her mother that when she focused on everything that could go wrong, she was going to miss out on things that would improve for her. For the most part, Mildred did remain positive and the transition was a good one, for her, her daughter, and the caregiver.

When your loved one is making the transition to elderly care, being positive is going to make a significant difference in the overall level of care that he or she receives, so stay positive. It matters.

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