When Prejudice Impacts Live-In Care for Seniors in Rochester, NY

It’s not something that most people tend to want to think about, but prejudice is real and when it comes to live-in care for seniors, it can have an impact not only on the quality of care that a loved one receives, but also on emotional and mental well-being. The simple truth is that prejudice is not something that anyone can escape; it’s something that we all have within us and it affects the way we deal with and react to different people and situations.

Right now, many of you are shaking your heads thinking that, “I’m not prejudiced. My mother’s not, either.” In that, you are wrong and if you don’t accept the reality, then Live-In Care in Rochester, NYyou will need to deal with the consequences in the long run. The reason why many people instinctively shake off any claim of being prejudiced is that they have associated it with being racist or sexist or ageist. Prejudice has nothing to do with actions, but with assumptions and beliefs.

If you’re walking down the street in the dark and see a group of young men walking toward you, swaggering with each step, do you hesitate? Do you wonder what they’re doing and if it’s safe to continue walking where you are? If you have any questions about safety, and you don’t know those people, that’s a prejudice. Ageism, racism, and sexism are the actions that we take based on our prejudices, the actions that harm another individual based on those beliefs.

Now, when it comes to live in care for seniors, prejudice can impact the quality of care for a number of reasons. If your father, for example, has an expectation when it comes to the live in home care provider who will be working with him, he may be resistant to assistance, advice, and anything else they may offer.

If the 24 hour home care provider is prejudiced against people like your mother, it could alter the quality of level of care that she receives, if that individual decides to allow her prejudices to control her actions. Common prejudices include religious, gender, political affiliations, and much more.

When prejudice affects the quality of care that your elderly loved one receives, no matter whose prejudice is affecting the situation, it’s time to address these concerns openly and honestly. Everything could be resolved by discussing them this way and the problem with care may simply be the result of a misunderstanding.

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