Keeping the Mind Young through Adult Education

Elder Care in Fairport, NY – One Senior Discovers the Benefits of Going Back to School

Elder Care in Fairport, NYGina had never thought of herself as being a studious person. Even when she was in high school she constantly had a tendency to daydream, lose focus in class, and not do her homework. As an adult, she raised three children who all went on to be extremely successful in school and then in college.

One day, when she was 73 years old and dealing with a number of physical problems, her oldest daughter had suggested she consider hiring home care for the elderly. She had never thought she would need elder care of any kind, but the more she thought about it and the more discussions she had with her family, the more she realized this was a good idea.

She didn’t realize just how much she was forgetting until she had this elderly caregiver stopping by to assist her on a regular basis. Within the first week, the elder care provider suggested certain activities that could exercise her mind. She relayed these new exercises she was doing to her oldest daughter and that’s when the topic of taking classes and possibly even going to college herself came up.

“Mom, you had always talked about how much you wished you had gone to college,” her oldest daughter mentioned to her one day. “This is your opportunity.”

She laughed at the idea at first. Yet when she talked it over with the elder care provider, it didn’t seem like such a crazy idea. In fact, it seemed like just the right thing for her. She found out through some research that learning anything new can have tremendous benefits for mental stimulation and health.

It could actually help to improve her memory and, if not in the short term, for the long term aspect of her life. Not only that, if she went back to school and earned a degree, she would be an inspiration to herself to try even more things in the future.

Not every person is cut out for college courses, but there are numerous continuing adult education classes throughout most communities in the United States, and there is likely a topic the elderly individual for whom you might be providing elder care may be interested. When seniors exercise their minds, it helps to keep it young, vitalized, and fresh.

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