How Separating from a Pet Can Impact Senior Care in Penfield, NY

Senior Care in Penfield, NYAs our elderly loved ones age, their health begins to decline. Even those who are healthy and energetic right now, there will come a point when they won’t be able to perform the everyday functions that they once did. Unfortunately, for elders who own pets, family members are often faced with the decision whether or not to remove the pet. Separating an elder from a pet can have a great impact on senior care.

Many times pets are considered just as much a family member as our human relatives. Pets are like a best friend to many seniors and separating them from that companionship can be devastating.

When the time comes that you realize your loved one needs assistance of some type, you’re most likely options are senior home services, assisted living, or a nursing home. If your loved one owns a pet, this can make the decision more difficult. Most nursing homes and assisted living facilities don’t allow pets.

It is important to consider the impact of your decision if your loved one is attached to their pet. You may not have a close connection with a pet and therefore it can be difficult for you to understand their emotional bond with their pet.

The elderly tend to feel more isolated and alone as they grow older. Family members are often too busy with their own lives, work, and children to provide the companionship they long for. Pets are great in many ways for senior care.

Not only are they a source of companionship for seniors but studies have shown the correlation between animals and the positive impact they have on the health conditions of the elderly. It has been proven that animals can cause a senior to be less agitated or irritable as well as lower their blood pressure, and promote faster recovery.

If your love one is attached to their pet, consider the emotional impact that separation can cause. Your loved one may become severely depressed because of being forced to move into a facility and give up their best friend.

Hiring senior care may be your best option instead of forcing your loved one into a facility and having to experience separation anxiety from their beloved pet. It is also an option that allows them to remain in the comfort of their own home while getting the assistance they need.

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