How Can Pet Loss Change the Elder Care Dynamic Forever? This Story May Answer That.

Elder Care in Webster, NY – One Senior’s Experience with Pet Loss and the Impact on Her Caregiver Relationship

Carol had a very difficult time when she was a young girl overcoming the loss of her beloved cat. She was inconsolable for months. No matter what her mother or father did, and no matter what other family members said to her, she couldn’t get over that loss. That cat had been with her from before she could even remember. Now that she relies on elder care, she is remembering how she felt at the loss of that pet because she is going through it all over again.

Carol was relying on home care for the elderly and originally had two beloved cats as pets. One of them passed away the year earlier and that was a significant loss for her, but Muffy, the cat she just lost recently, was like her best friend. She had adopted Muffy from an animal shelter a couple of months after her husband passed away. That was more than 15 years ago.

This cat was her constant companion, who always knew when she was having a hard time and would be there for her, jumping up on her lap, curling up next to her, and purring away the angst, worry, and anxiety.

Unfortunately, Carol’s caregiver didn’t quite understand the emotional connection that Carol had to the pet, and maybe wasn’t as supportive as she could have been following Muffy’s death. She gave Carol plenty of space during the first few days after the loss of her cat, avoiding checking in on her too much because, no matter what she asked, Carol would just simply say that she was fine, even though she was doing so through tears.

After a couple days, the elder care provider told Carol that she needed to shape up and focus on herself. This caused Carol to be incredibly angry and resentful. It actually damaged their working, professional relationship.

Never underestimate the emotional connection that a person has to a pet. Many people who have cats or dogs consider their pets to be part of the family. Some people even call their animals their “children.”

The best way to help someone cope with the loss of a beloved pet, especially somebody who relies on elder care, is to be a companion for them. Sit down and let them talk about it if they want to, or just sit down and be there, be a physical presence for them, and that can be incredibly beneficial for them.

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