Planning for a Power Outage with Your Aging Parent

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As a family caregiver your responsibilities for your aging parent go beyond just making sure that their day-to-day needs and challenges are managed properly. You must also take into consideration the unexpected situations that can occur in life. You may not want to think about your aging parent being in danger, but preparing properly is vital to helping them get through potentially dangerous events such as severe storms and other natural disasters.

This September, join with other members of the care community in making sure that your parent is as ready as they can be by observing National Preparedness Month. This month-long observation is the perfect opportunity for you to evaluate your parent’s homecare needs and make meaningful changes to your care routine to ensure that they are well-prepared to stay safe, healthy, and comfortable even in these sometimes frightening situations.

One issue that happens quite frequently with challenging weather situations is power outages. The electricity can go out even during a relatively minor storm, but can also be an extended issue during more severe situations such as hurricanes and earthquakes. A power outage can be uncomfortable and frustrating, but it can also be dangerous. Planning in advance can help ensure that your aging loved one is ready in the event that their power goes out.

Use these tips to help your aging parent plan and prepare for a power outage with your aging parent:

• Alert the power company to urgent needs. If your aging parent has pressing medical needs that require electricity, such as the use of oxygen or other support equipment, make sure that you alert the power company. This can help them to understand the importance of getting your aging parent’s power back as quickly as possible. While this is not a guarantee that they will not lose power or that they will get it back soon, it may help.

• Have a generator in place. If it would be dangerous for your loved one to be without power, consider having a generator in place. This generator can be attached to your parent’s power so that if the electricity goes out, the generator automatically comes on to provide emergency power.

• Have backup chargers. Staying in contact with you and other members of their homecare team, as well as emergency professionals in the event of an emergency, is vital during these situations. If the power is out for an extended period, communication devices such as cell phones and computers may lose their charge. Invest in backup chargers that can utilize USB ports or cigarette lighters for power

• Sign up for alerts. Sign your aging parent up for emergency alerts that can come through their mobile device. This will provide them with up-to-the-minute information about any dangerous situations such as severe storms that could cause a power outage. These alerts can also detail when the power may come back on. This can help you to work together to make the decisions that will keep them safe and secure.

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