Improving the Dexterity Issues of Arthritis

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Homecare Penfield NYOsteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis commonly affect the hands and feet and lead to deformities and disability. This process leads to a decrease in grasp strength and problems with performing everyday tasks. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis among the elderly. Approximately 12.4 million individuals over the age of 65 are believed to have this disease. Decreased strength, pain and deformity may lead to loss of independence when the individual can no longer complete the daily activities of life. Fortunately, there are a number of devices that have been created to help those with these crippling diseases lead independent lives.


These devices help perform the daily activities of living. With practice, the use of these helpful tools can become second nature, just as when you finally tackled the use of utensils as a baby only to pick up a fork now without a thought.

Built-up Soft Handle Utensils—These soft foam built-up handles help those that experience difficulty when attempting to grasp a utensil.
Tap Turner—A tap lever makes turning on the taps easy.
Pencil and Pen Wraps—These come in various styles and sizes. Some wrap around the finger and others around the thumb and wrist. They are designed so that those with arthritis do not have to grasp a pen or pencil when needing to write. Both these items also come in enlarged sizes that make holding easier.
Tubing—Foamed tubing can be placed over toothbrushes, utensils and other items of similar size that require grasping.
Kettle Tipper—The kettle tipper has an ergonomic handle that provides easy pouring and a hinged lid that makes it easy to fill with water.
Key Holder—Placing keys inside this large, easy to handle device makes it easy to unlock doors.
Button Hook—This is a small hook with a long handle designed to help fasten buttons.
Door Knob Gripper of Door Knob Extenders—These come in various shapes and sizes and enable the turning of door knobs.
Big Lamp Switch—This lamp switch fits over the existing one and is designed for easy turning.
Easy Twist Jar and Bottle Openers

Providing tools to help your loved one perform everyday tasks will help them both physically and emotionally. Pain can limit mobility as much as deformity. Stretching after warming up joints in the shower can help decrease inflammation. Stretching should be stopped if an increase in pain is noted. Walking, swimming or water aerobics, and tai chi can help maintain flexibility. Topical creams or gels with products containing capsaicin, salicylates, camphor or menthol also help to relieve pain.

Senior Homecare Provider

If you are still concerned about your parent when they are left alone, consider the services of a senior homecare provider. These caring professionals can assist with all the daily activities of living as well as providing the companionship that is so vital to your parent’s well-being. They can provide care for a few hours to 24/7, depending on both you and your parent’s needs.


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