Ways to Help Older Adults Boost Their Immune Systems

As people age, their immune systems change. It doesn’t respond as fast as it once did, so older adults are more susceptible to illnesses. A reduction in the number of immune cells can make a senior’s body heal less quickly. To help your aging relative stay as healthy as possible, there are some steps you can take to boost their immune system. Here are some tips for supporting a senior’s immune system.

Homecare Henrietta NY - Ways to Help Older Adults Boost Their Immune Systems

Homecare Henrietta NY – Ways to Help Older Adults Boost Their Immune Systems

Get More Sleep

People who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to catch viruses, like a cold. Studies have shown that when someone is well-rested, the flu vaccine is more effective. Research also shows that a lack of sleep can also cause more inflammation in the body and higher levels of stress hormones. Homecare can assist with improving an older adult’s sleep by helping them stick to a regular schedule and making the house quiet and calm before bedtime.

Make Lifestyle Changes

Making efforts to live a healthier lifestyle can make a difference in immunity. Some changes that can improve overall health are:

  • Quit smoking.
  • Eat a diet that includes lots of vegetables and fruits.
  • Be physically active.
  • Follow good hygiene practices, like washing hands and cooking meat thoroughly.

A homecare provider can help by preparing healthy meals and encouraging physical activity. They could invite older adults to go for a walk or drive them to a group exercise class.

Reduce Stress

Ongoing stress can make older adults more susceptible to illnesses and certain diseases. The hormones associated with stress cause the immune system to be less effective. Having a homecare provider can decrease stress in elderly people because they know they will receive the help and care they need.

Spend Time with Friends

Studies show that people who feel lonely don’t have as strong of immune systems as those who feel connected to others. Homecare can help older adults to remain more connected with their family and friends. One of the things that causes isolation in adults is an inability to get out of the house. A homecare provider can transport seniors to the places they need to go, and attend to them while they are out, if needed.

Laugh More

Laughter reduces stress hormones and increases a kind of white blood cell that helps to fight infections. Just having the cheerful presence of a homecare provider may make the older adult happier, and more likely to laugh.

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