Why Is Your Elderly Loved One Dizzy When They Stand Up?

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Homecare Fairport NYEveryone has moments when they feel a little woozy or dizzy when they stand up too quickly. Usually this has to do with issues such as not getting proper nutrition. If you have noticed that your elderly loved one is experiencing symptoms of dizziness or falls when they stand, however, it might be more.

For some elderly adults, a condition called orthostatic hypotension can cause feelings of dizziness or lightheadedness upon standing from a sitting position, or sitting up after lying down. This can cause your parent to stumble or even faint.

Orthostatic hypotension is sometimes referred to as postural hypotension. This is because the low blood pressure occurs as a result of changes in posture, particularly sitting up and standing. In of itself, this is not a serious condition. Most of the time, episodes of orthostatic hypotension and the dizzy reaction only lasts for a few seconds before it passes and the person is able to go about their activities without any compromising effects.

In some situations, however, the effect is much more severe and long-lasting. If your aging parent suffers a long period of wooziness or lack of balance after they change position, it could be an indication of a much more serious problem. It is particularly important that you get in touch with your elderly parent’s doctor if they suffer these effects each time that they change position, they linger for a long stretch of time, or they lose consciousness, even for a few seconds.

There are many potential causes for orthostatic hypotension. These can be mild to far more severe, which makes it very important that you monitor your parent’s condition and get proper medical attention if their symptoms are serious or do not improve.

Some of the potential causes of this condition include:

• Dehydration. Not getting enough fluids is a common cause of low blood pressure upon standing or sitting up. This is caused by the loss in blood volume that occurs during periods of dehydration. Boosting their fluids will relieve these symptoms.

• Eating. More common in older adults than others, postprandial hypotension is when low blood pressure and its symptoms occur after your aging parent eats a meal.

• Heart problems. Problems with the cardiovascular system prevent the body from effectively responding to changes in blood needs, which occurs when they change position and the blood moves to the bottom of their body. Some such heart problems include heart attack, heart failure, low heart rate, and valve problems.

• Endocrine problems. A variety of issues with the endocrine system can contribute to low blood pressure problems. These can include adrenal insufficiency, low blood sugar, diabetes, and thyroid conditions.

If your elderly parent is suffering from orthostatic hypotension or other conditions that might cause dizziness when they stand, starting homecare for them can be a highly effective way to help them stay safer. This homecare provider can be with your parent to provide physical support and assistance that helps prevent falls and other accidents. They can also encourage your loved one to remain compliant with the medications, treatments, and lifestyle guidelines given to them by their doctor by offering reminders to keep them on track.

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