Five Hazards to Watch for to Keep Your Parent Safe When Outside

The National Council on Aging reports that an aging adult is seen for fall-related injuries every 11 seconds. Every year, 25 percent of U.S. adults over the age of 65 fall down at least once. Many falls occur in daylight, and more than 50 percent of those falls happen outside. Take steps to eliminate potential hazards in and around your parent’s home to lower the risk of an outdoor fall.

Homecare Canandaigua NY - Five Hazards to Watch for to Keep Your Parent Safe When Outside

Homecare Canandaigua NY – Five Hazards to Watch for to Keep Your Parent Safe When Outside

Add Lighting

Outdoor lighting may be to blame for some falls. If there’s a deck or patio that doesn’t have bright lighting, add some. You don’t need to spend money on an electrician, hardware stores sell items like solar lights that attach to deck rails, posts, or even sit on stakes you push into the ground. With solar lighting, the sun charges the battery and then the lights turn on automatically when the light sensors feel it’s too dim.

Invest in a Cane or Walker

If your parent relies on handrails or furniture when moving around the house, he or she will benefit from having a walker or cane outside. The device offers support when walking around the yard or moving around a deck or patio. It’s a worthwhile investment when you’re trying to keep your parent safe.

Look for Uneven Patio Tiles, Pavement, and Decking

Every few months, inspect the driveway, patio, sidewalks, and deck for uneven flooring. A board on the deck might warp and need replacing. A crack in the driveway may need sealing. If a patio tile lifts up in the winter, you’ll want to pull it up and make sure it’s level with the other tile to prevent a hazard.

Remove Obstacles

Removing obstacles is important after storms or windy days. Check sidewalks and the yard where your parent walks for fallen branches or other obstacles. You should also walk around the deck or patio to look for planters or furnishings that are in the way. Rearrange any furniture that seems difficult to walk around.

Secure and Possibly Replace Handrails

Check handrails on stairs to ensure they are not loose or broken. If they are, fix or replace them before your parent goes to use them.

An elderly homecare service complements your efforts to keep your parent safe both inside the home and out. It’s hard to be the sole caregiver, so rely on a service to offer you respite from daily care routines. A homecare service can be there when you need and easily add or remove services as you feel necessary.


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John Hunt