Caring for an Elder with Kidney Disease

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Home Health Care Rochester NYOne common change that occurs with age is a change in kidneys. However, these changes could cause major problems for older adults because the body will no longer be able to produce a health balance of electrolytes, acids, and fluids. While most older adults are able to easily manage their kidney changes without becoming sick, some seniors end up developing kidney disease.

If you are concerned that this is something your loved one is suffering from, here are some symptoms to watch for, as well as how to care for someone with this condition.


The symptoms for kidney disease differ for each person, but some of the most common ones include:

Having an increased or decreased need to urinate, especially at night
Swelling or retaining fluid
Irregular heartbeats
Feeling exhausted really easy
Loss of appetite
Sharp pains that suddenly begin in the back or side
Blood in urine
Uninterested in favorite activities
Uncontrollable high blood pressure
Unusual weight loss

Risk factors

There are some factors that will increase the elder’s chances of developing kidney disease. These risk factors include:

Being of African-American descent
Being of Hispanic descent
Over the age of 65
High blood pressure
Lung cancer or other types of cancer
Not getting enough sodium in their diet
Family history of kidney disease
History of kidney infections
Strep throat or streptococcal skin infection in older adults


The doctor will most likely begin their exam by asking numerous questions to get a better idea of the elder’s health history. There are also a wide range of tests the doctor may want to run, such as:

Blood tests to determine the senior’s potassium, sodium, bicarbonate, and protein levels
Blood pressure measurements
Blood measurements from waste products that should have been removed with a normal functioning kidney
Urine tests
Lipid profile to test cholesterol levels
Biopsy of the kidney
Test to visualize blood and kidney levels

If your elderly loved one does discover that they have kidney disease, consider hiring an elderly home health care provider to care for them. This person can take the elder to doctor appointments, remind them to take their medication, and assist with any other tasks they may have trouble with.

For more tips on how you can help care for the elder, talk to their doctor. The doctor should have numerous tips they can offer you in order to help provide the quality care your loved one needs.


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